August 26, 2015

Still pushing

We are moving right along as has been an extremely complicated and eye opening project to bring to fruition. I understand people expressing concern, but frankly we haven't had anything to post recently. We are awaiting our final piece of financing in order to finish construction - all indicators point to us closing the gap soon. In the meantime I am posting this brief update to set people's minds at ease in regards to their pledges. At this time ALL rewards which are able to be fulfilled have been. The outstanding rewards hinge on us having a fully operational restaurant.

Before today, when I was contacted by Kickstarter, I was not aware of any concerns. I answer the question "whendoes the restaurant open?" at least twenty times a day. There is nothing more that I would like than to have an open facility, be cooking great food and working with the organization BYP (Braddock Youth Project) who inspired the project to begin with.

I would like to thank everyone for your continued support and expressing your concerns. I wish that I could say that everything has gone according to plan, but I do feel like every side street that we have been forced to take will ultimately lead us to a stronger finished product.